Underwater World Langkawi

The Underwater World Langkawi is a vast place with many separate sections dedicated to each individual category. The sections are divided into tropical rainforest, coral, freshwater, marine life, Sub Antarctic, temperate and terrarium, koi and otter pond. The Underwater World Langkawi houses more than 4,000 different species of marine life.

The tropical rainforest section takes visitors through a journey to the heart of the Amazon River. Visitors will be able to see rainforest inhabitants such as swans, flamingos and playful mandarin ducks. Ground and flight birds flutter freely in an environment close to their natural habitat. Among the tropical fish on display here are the Pacu, Knifefish, Temoleh, Giant Gouramy and various species of Arowanas. Visitors will also get a chance to see the Green Anaconda that weighs a massive 250kgs and Capybaras, the world’s largest rodent. 

The freshwater section displays an array of other freshwater fish and aquatic life from Southeast Asia, the Amazon, Africa and Australia. Many unique life forms can be found here such as the Bala Shark, Catfish, Matamata, Garfish and Stingray. Watch the fishes swim in schools as they follow your finger. Visitors will also be able to view a collection of exotic Turtles, Snapping Alligators, the Red–eared Slider and Albino Turtles. The Arapaima, one of the largest freshwater fishes in the world can grow up to 2.5 meters, can be found here too.

The marine life section consists of the Hexagonal Tank, Tunnel Tank and numerous smaller tanks. Among the aquatic life found in the 70,000-litre Hexagonal Tank are the Pakistani butterflyfish and Madras Snapper. Venture into the deep-sea experience by walking along a 15-meter long tunnel. Feel as though you are in the middle of the ocean. As you look right, left and above to see sharks, giant sting rays, green turtles and giant groupers coexisting and swimming gracefully. There also numerous tanks which house the spectacular and mysterious Sea Dragons, Lion fish, Giant Clam, Pufferfish, Sea Anemones, Hermit Crabs and more.

The coral section is an underwater garden with an explosion of brilliant colours. Giant Clams, Damsels and Wrasses coexist among the millions of marine life and coral reefs. Witness the living treasures of the ocean’s delicate ecosystem, all under one roof. The delicate jellyfish, sea urchins, sea slugs and starfishes are among the many presented at the Underwater World Langkawi. 

Adorable creatures such as fur seals, Rockhopper penguins and African penguins can be found at the Sub Antartic and Temperate sections. Watch the amusing Rockhopper penguins jump from rock to rock and admire their bright yellow feathers which form “eyebrows” that stick out from the side of their heads. African penguins have black stripes and spots on their chest that are unique to each penguin, just like human fingerprints. Southern Fur Seals can be seen spending a considerable time grooming and may assume many poses, including waving both hind flippers. Catch them doing many entertaining tricks during feeding time.

The Koi Pond is luxuriously set in a bright tropical setting with the relaxing sounds of the streaming waterfall. Fishes such as the Eastern Gem, Japanese Carp, local catfish, Silver Dollar, Sebarau, Kelah and Cichlids can be seen here. An interesting activity for visitors is fish feeding where you can see the fishes crowd around you for food.

Another favourite among children and adults alike can be found at the otter pond. Otters are popular due to their cute and cuddly appearance. Watch the otter feeding and presentation, and be amused.

Approximately ten minutes from the resort.