Sunset Cruise

Capture picture-perfect moments on a Sunset Cruise

Enjoy the warm sea breeze and soothing sounds of the waves lapping against the
boat. The warm glow of the sunset will lull you into a mellow mood. As you
admire the Geo Park that makes up Langkawi Island and stunning sunset, have a
drink from the open bar. Choose from the wide selection of beer, wine, liquor, cocktails
and fruit juices among others.

Sip on a pina colada, swing your legs over the ship’s bowsprit and feel on top of the
world. A must try during this cruise is the Salt Water Jacuzzi. Hop into the wide net
that is suspended into the ocean. The sailing cruise will cause the waves to lap
gently against your back as you lay back, creating the sensation of being in a
Jacuzzi. Glide across the middle of the ocean enjoying a beer, watching the sky turn to dusk.

After a glorious splash in the sea, enjoy the gourmet barbeque feast prepared
freshly before your eyes. The hearty meal gives just the right finishing touch to an
eventful day. The variety is impressive and tasty, with seafood, pasta, salads,
satays, chicken and many more in Asian and western styles.

As you sail back to shore, enjoy the beautiful night scenery of Resorts World
Langkawi. Yellow lighting warmly lights the Portuguese style architecture, making
it truly remarkable to view by nightfall.

Points of Interest
• Beautiful sunset and ocean views
• Salt water Jacuzzi
• Gourmet barbeque feast